Wander Print... Where the wild things are possible bathroom theme. (layered scrapbook paper & newsprint boat in a shadowbox?)

Make in inspiration album. Always love being reminded of this Tolkien quote and this image makes me smile :: Wander Print by Gus & Lula

Our Memories, The memories that we pass to others after we are gone tells the Real story of of Who We Were

Evoke bustling flea markets and old general stores with this charming wall art, showcasing a planked wood design and warmly weathered typographic motif. Product: Wall decor Construction Material: Wood Features: Ready to hang Dimensions: H x W

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (la vie commence au delà de votre zone de confort)

Just love this quote! Don't be afraid of stepping out of the box. Put yourself out there and experience life!

God is the ONLY One who should be able to hold the writing instrument for my life's story! After all it really is ALL about His Faithfulness... to His Daughter!

My story is not urs. My book is not urs.My life is not urs so u have no business writing my life.i will make changes in my story and not put u in it.My life,My choice,Mt story

Thank you and grow!

Why More Things Should Be Said In Watercolor

❥ "When life is sweet, say 'Thank You' and celebrate. When life is bitter, say 'Thank You' and grow." ★ (Good or bad, be thankful for every single day.

Be Brave. Love Deeply. Shine Brighter

Tattoo would say: be brave shine bright When darkness falls, we can curl up with fear or turn on more lights. Be brave.

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Funny how a melody sounds like a memory like a sound track to a July Saturday night springsteen - Eric Church Springsteen

Live, Don't just exist! by heytheredesign, $10.00

Live Quote, Life Quote, Adventure Quote, Oscar Wilde Quote, Typography Print, 5 by 7 Print

Be afraid, but do it anyway.

Wise Words: Live Anyway. Remember: it isn't courage if you aren't afraid!

Your Greatest Asset

Your Greatest Asset (The Well: The B Bar Blog)

Embrace what you don't know, especially in the beginning, because what you don't know can become your greatest asset. It ensures that you will be doing things different from everybody else. - inspirational quote by Sarah Blakely