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Many authors go on a Writing Retreat from time to time. Which usually means they go away to a cabin, or some sort of a resort, alone or with fellow writers, to concentrate on their writing, sometimes financed through a scholarship or a …

Aspiring bestselling authors pumping petrol and washing dishes, take heart. Here are the surprising day jobs of 20 famous writers.

The Surprising Day Jobs Of 20 Famous Writers

radical self care

A map of my life. (Although I’m sure it applies to pretty much any writer/artist/musician/creator of things.) “A Mental Map” illustrated by Anne Emond

Evaluating your premise is an important first step in the writing process. If your idea can't support the structure of a novel, you're in trouble.

Pre-Writing 101: Evaluating Your Premise

50 Questions for Your Outline – Thinking Through Our Fingers

I have been working on the outline for my WIP for the last month. Actually (*cough*cough*) it’s been…more than a month.

Never fear to take new trials.

An Effective Beginner’s Guide to Writing Books (Infographic) in case I ever decide to write a book.