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Dive in Bali and stay at Villa Tengguli

Dive in Bali and stay at Villa Tengguli

˚Tridacna maxima - Clam

Tridacna maxima - Clam shell Found: Sunabe south, Desal plant Okinawa -Japan Depth- on reef wall - Ikelite housing 1 160 ikelite strobe macro lens

Coral reefs as they are now, when restored with GCRA Biorock® Technology --- Pemuteran, Bali --- 5 year old Biorock reef on formerly barren sand.

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Limacia cockerelli, Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, California | by Damon Tighe

Limacia cockerelli, Fitzgerald Marine Preserve, California | by Damon Tighe

Ribbon Coral by Simon Spear

This is described as "ribbon coral." It might be a basket star,a type of brittle star,with it's arms tucked in!


I grew up catching a few of these. When swimming, it looks like a helpless fish. But by gulping down water, it can make itself puff up and show its spikes.

What is it?

Coral - Sea Tunicates (Clavelina picta) - Painted tunicate - purple colony on soft coral - Alacranes Banc, Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan, Mexico (Photo by Luis Javier Sandoval on Getty Images)

This is a parrot fish! Did you know we also have a parrot fish? Come see him today!

Surf parrot fish I'm am painting my face up to look like this beautiful fish next costume party!


lickystickypickywe: “The pistol shrimp competes with much larger animals like the Sperm Whale and Beluga Whale for the title of ‘loudest animal in the sea’. It is distinctive for its disproportionately large claw, (larger than half the shrimp’s body).

Glove Polyps-Green, Snowflake Polyps - Clavularia spp.

Corals for Saltwater Aquariums: mat Polyps (Clavularia) - Collecting up my prior pins here for re-casting on new boards.

Handfish relative to the angler fish walks!

Hand Fish (Brachionichthys politus) Tasmania - a cousin to the angler fish, they 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor.

lion fish

♀ Underwater photography animals kingdom - majestic prowling lion fish One of my personal favorite animals but be careful they are deadly.