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Pedantic But Correct. One does not simply…

Pedantic But Correct

Actually, true: they must go up up up that staircase, or wait for a heck ton of trolls to spin the uber heavy doorknob to slowly open the massive gates.

Smaug: “I am Fire… I am Death…” Daenerys: “Smaug! What did I tell you the last meme?! Get out of that mountain right now!” Smaug: “No fair, mom! All the other dragons get to do what they want.”

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones - Ermahgerd, Wur Mah Durguns ? Where Are My Dragons !

Sean Astin with his daughter in Return of the King, and at The Hobbit premiere.

Sean Astin with his daughter in Return of the King, and at The Hobbit premiere.

Sean Astin : "So, this is my daughter Ali, who played Eleanor in The Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King. Christine & I loved taking her to the Hobbit Premiere to visit with old friends. I don't feel old, just proud.and old :) " I love Sean Astin!

Exactly, Bilbo! Even though more Middle-Earth movies the better, I say.

Making the Hobbit into three movies was a way to make triple the money, not a way to "expand Tolkien's original vision". How could you do this Peter Jackson?

Merry-confused awe; Frodo-confused awe; Sam-confused awe; Pippin-finally I'm getting the respect i deserve from these peasants

The lord of the Ring - "You bow to no one">>I'm like sure pippin was high for a good portion of lotr

You had ONE JOB Frodo!

There are literally three movies and a huge book explaining why keeping this ring is a bad idea. DESTROY IT!

That's impossible

A Hobbit/LotR marathon is on my bucket list! Have to buy the movies though!

Please I need you attention, this is VERY important

The meme is a lie! "One does not simply walk into Mordor. There is an evil there that does not sleep and the great eye is ever watchful.it is folly!" <-- I hate when they mess up this meme!

Eowyn and the king of the Ring Wraiths.

"Come at me bro! / I am no bro, brah!" Eowyn for the win; I've got Lord of the Rings on the brain again.

I just... he's just... SIGH. I can't wait for the next movie D:   THRANDUIL WHY ARE YOU SOOOOO PRREEETTTYYYYYYYYYY AND FICTIONAL?!

the hobbit 1000 mygraphics Thranduil hobbitedit taba BOFA sorry for being late to the party

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And Elladan and Elrohir and Arwen and Celebrían and Erestor and Glorfindel and Lindir.