Lego Architecture

Adam Reed Tucker has built some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and other buildings using millions of LEGO bricks. Adam is one of the world’s eleven LEGO Certified Professionals, so for him, I guess this was not that big of a deal.

An amazing "New York Times" themed building for a cover of their magazine. / By LEGO artist Sachiko Akinaga.

Block Party

Japanese LEGO artist Sachiko Akinaga created this unique LEGO building that resembles the iconic logo for the New York Times Magazine.

View images and photos in CNET's Giant Lego Serenity spaceship astounds (pictures) - For his day job, 37-year-old mechanical engineer Adrian Drake designs combustion science experiments for the International Space Station. In his off time, Drake (also known in the Lego community as brickfrenzy) loves to build large-scale custom Lego masterpieces. His latest effort resulted in the creation of a 70,000-piece replica of the Serenity spaceship from the 2002 cult classic sci-fi TV show  via @CNET

Giant Lego Serenity spaceship astounds (pictures)

Seven-foot long minifig-scale Serenity model is a Lego masterpiece by Adrian Drake

Lego Kermit!! Now, I see a lot of Lego art, but this one is definitely in a class of its own for cuteness :)

It's not easy being green, but it's easy to have fun with LEGO. LEGO art-Kermit The Frog.

Love these life size LOTR Lego Creations

Awesome Lego Creations

Outrage as toy company creates 'crystal meth lab' for children with Breaking Bad play sets. 500-part set has all the drugs paraphernalia used in hit American series. Lego refused to sanction or endorse the toy, which was made by independent company Citizen Brick

Outrage as toy company creates 'crystal meth lab' for children with Br

This Breaking Bad LEGO meth lab. (Click through to see other parts of Breaking Bad in LEGO form)


15 Million LEGO Bricks – an artist creates world’s iconic Skyscrapers –

Artist and architect Adam Reed Tucker—who’s also one of 11 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world—along with other LEGO artists, have recreated the world’s tallest skyscrapers using more than LEGO Bricks.

Arte e cucina coi lego: pizza, banane, verdure dalla mente di uno scultore geniale.

Japanese Lego Master Builds Delicious Lego Art From Blocks

Lego Back to the Future Town!! I want that! or just MJFox

Lego Back to the Future Town Should Be Turned Into an Official Lego Set

Grande Scultura LEGO dell’Agenzia Access

Large LEGO Sculptures by Access Agency. This huge sculpture-cum-gateway is just one of the several large LEGO sculptures created by Access Agency. Also included in the series are Darth Vader and The Smurfs

A working Lego Guitar. This inspired the guitar Trey was given by a fan that was made from Legos. I'm sure the fact that I have a son who is obsessed with Legos also had something to do with it. Admit it, you want one now.