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Gaming Pots - Ceramic Tetris Creations Celebrate Game's 25th Anniversary (GALLERY)

Gaming Pots

Tetris for your plants. Tetris Pots designed by French product Stephanie Choplin. These ceramic.

Awe, cute Pokemon wall art.   Looks pretty simple.

Original Starter pokemon 12 x 12 high-res Jpeg Pixels from the finest of Jpegs. --I take special orders!


Portal 2 Bookends

Video games are cool, but even more fun when you can incorporate them into real life. These Portal bookends are awesome and functional. Product Specifications Bookends for test subjects at […]

I would love to do this for my son's room. Or even my room!

Cool Mario Themed Room Design for Kids - What you still remember a game that could boom in the Yeea. Super Mario Bros, he is a figure plumber with a

DIY awesomeness.

Every geek should have at least one video game-themed piece of furniture. These amazing Super Mario Brothers shelves aren& available commercially;

Super Mario coin block touch sensitive light.j

This modern, touch sensitive Mario-inspired coin block lamp will pay for itself right?

Even More Pics of the Nintendo Bathroom

Nintendo Bathroom [Picture]