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1941 Indian Military Model 841 The Wigwam's desert warfare bike When the U. War Department asked American motorcycle manufacturers to come up with military machines for World War II, Harley and Indian answered the call.

punkmonsieur:  stylish guy and awesome cafe racer bike  PUNK MONSIEUR  your daily dose of dope accessories

punkmonsieur: “stylish guy and awesome cafe racer bike PUNK MONSIEUR your daily dose of dope accessories ”

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Racing Cafè: Cafè Racer Concepts - Yamaha XJR 1200 by Holographic Hammer


Honda CB 400 Cafe: retaining the tank - or not repainting to lose a bit of the shape, loses a touch of the edge.

David Beckham (Foto: Foto RIo News)

David Beckham passeia de moto pelo Rio