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Ma (Marjorie Main) and Pa Kettle (Percy Kilbride) were one of the first movie couples I remember... Ma and Pa Kettle.

Ma (Marjorie Main) and Pa Kettle (Percy Kilbride).We just loved Ma and Pa Kettle movies.

Carol Burnett "Tarzan Yell"

The Carol Burnett Show - The Tarzan yell was a classic! The Carol Burnett Show aired from with Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner. The show featured skits by Carol Burnett and her comedy troupe.

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The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (TV American variety show starring pop singer Cher and her husband, Sonny Bono.

Any one else remember the old TV show "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"?????Edward Mulhare

The handsome Edward Mulhare. I loved the House & cliffs in black n white.

My three sons when Rob and Katie had their own 3 sons; Katie Tina Cole, was part of the King Family in real life.

Vintage photo of Fred MacMurray, Don Grady, Tina Cole in "My Three Sons" with the triplets. Don Grady

Art Linkletter...abandoned at a few weeks old, raised by a pastor and his wife (the Linkletters), entertained millions on radio and TV interviewing kids (the Party House and Kids Say the Darndest Things), was married more than 74 years, lived to be almost 98 (his wife died the following year at 95), loved life and had a beautiful way with people! I love that man of joy!

abandoned at a few weeks old, raised by a pastor & his wife, entertained millions on radio & TV interviewing kids (Kids Say the Darndest Things), was married more than 74 years, lived to be almost 98

Dick Clark, American Bandstand Dance Show

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Top 10 Songs Who could ever forget watching American Bandstand. Every artist lip sunk to their songs. Madonna told Dick she wanted to rule the world and she just about did.

Nevermind - missed but not forgotten

Wonderful Gilda Radner, as Emily Litella (sp) ~ Saturday Night Live in the

American Bandstand rip Dick Clark....love that the records had a good beat and you could dance to it.

American Bandstand, I loved Dick Clark and this show. I couldn't wait for Saturdays so I could hear the latest music, see the guests and watch the dancers. I grew up with this show. It was pre-MTV, etc. It was ahead of its time.