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Takanori Aiba is a Japanese artist who specializes in intricate Bonsai Tree-houses. Aiba uses craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials to construct sprawling miniature tree-house communities that wrap around bonsai trees.

わあ、まるでおとぎ話の世界! 世界中で話題の「盆栽アート」はどのように生まれたのか. Bonsai Art

“Hawaiian Pineapple Resort”- A miniature sculpture by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. He builds these amazing communities around bonzai plants!

Takanori Aiba’s Amazing Bonsai Tree Castles are Miniature Living Worlds. Where the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man goes when he retires.

Takanori Aiba's Amazing Bonsai Tree Castles are Miniature Living Worlds

The Japanese fine art of raising bonsai trees is a beautiful traditional way to infuse some greenery into your indoor space. But artist Takanori Aiba takes the art to a new level, with his intricately amazing series of bonsai castles.

Best doll house I've never seen!

Best dollhouse EVER! There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny things, with the exception of teeny tiny things IN A TREE. Maddie Chambers created this amazingly detailed and beautiful tree dollhouse she dubbed Mad’s Mouse House and it is something to see.


Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland. Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you, Anna for helping me find my new home :)

L’artiste Jedediah Corwyn Voltz travaille depuis 10 ans comme accessoiriste pour le cinéma et se sert de cette expérience pour fabriquer cette série de sculptures de cabanes en bois miniatures qui sont accrochées à des plantes d’intérieur en guise d’arbres.

Des petites cabanes dans des plantes d'intérieur

culturenlifestyle: “Miniature Treehouses Are Wrapped Around Houseplants by Jedediah Voltz L.-based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz creates miniature treehouses, which are constructed around everyday.

.Takanori Aiba

The Japanese art of raising bonsai trees is a beautiful way to infuse greenery into indoor spaces. But artist Takanori Aiba takes the art to a new level with his incredibly intricate series of bonsai castles. The Japanese artist carves miniature m.

5. Seoul, South Korea - 17 Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World. #7 Is Insane!

14 de las más hermosas escaleras alrededor del mundo

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Seoul, South Korea. In Seoul, South Korea is this amazing flight of steps. Colorful koi fish are painted in orange, red, and yellow tones that stand out against the very vibrant blue hue of the stairs.

新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル)

Wish it was a bit deeper fr th fish but it looks like a good idea fr a pond so I'm not pinning to Unhappy Fish


The Chines Juniper is a very loved and popular tree among bonsai professionals and amateurs alike. Due to the woods malleability, it can be stylised into beautiful and interesting shapes. Like this one belonging to Enrico Savini from Italy


Need this tree! Cynthia Decker 'Haiku' gallery-wrapped canvas is a beautiful example of Digital Art based on a haiku that goes 'I paid the vendor/to open the cage of birds/they fly in chorus.' A serene addition to

こぼした絵の具の花が咲く - まとめのインテリアの画像


Orange flower art that just makes me smile! guerilla street art gardening whimsy with marigolds

Bonsai Art by Takanori Aiba (相羽高徳)

盆栽とSFが融合した冒険と迷宮のミニチュア 相羽高徳