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A healthy diet and lifestyle are one of the best weapons against diseases. Find out how to plan that healthy diet and stick to it.

DIY Coconut Oil Sunscreen Recipe ~ Most commercial sunscreens contain toxic ingredients and endocrine disrupting chemicals. In fact, in the years since sunscreen use began skin cancer rates have actually risen.

It is a week to the Digital Coffee, come learn about today's consumer. Register here for free

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I finally understand aperture because of this site!

Excellent Ideas About Web Design That Are Easy To Understand

5 Sports Photography Tips

As parents we’re always trying to capture and freeze moments in our kids lives. Use Scott Kelby's quick, professional tricks during your kid’s next game and you'll be sure to become the photographer of the season!

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9 ways to get meaningful expressions in child portraits: Great Article, A MUST read for parents shooting kids!

Photography Technique - plastic baggy surrounding lens to give diffuse 'dreamy' light. Photography tips. Nordic360.

How to Make Hazy Photo Sandwich Bag Trick

This not only is part of Equipment but it is also a Technique. Its also used to protect the camera as well. Photography tip - glowing light using a plastic bag around the lens