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among one of the most fascinating genetic occurrence is Albinism on the African continent. Albinos in Africa often face scrutiny, criticism, hatred<----

Madagascar-yes, reminds me of all the wonderful people I met there. Definitely want to go back someday.

Maternal mortality declined between 1990 and but has since risen sharply due to the ongoing political crisis

violet eyes of an albino child..beautiful

violet eyes of an albino child

Albino children are being murderd in Tanzania Africa by witch doctors. Please pin this to get people talking. Such a beautiful little girl she deserves to love without fear.

African albino girl in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Persecution of albino's is not uncommon in Africa. It is widely believed that certain body parts contain magic power. This is not the case in Sierra Leone though, where the image above was taken.

142070904-portrait-of-albino-man-gettyimages.jpg (338×507)

Royalty-free Image: Portrait of albino man. More sites should put watermarks across their photos. This way people can save them without worrying about losing the source.

Melanesian Blonde | Minor genetic quirk causes Melanesian Solomon people’s blond hair

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Check out my board called LIGHT BRIGHT:Germaine/likeafieldmouse:  Eric Nehr - Rose Blessé (2011)

'Rose Blesse' Abdel Oceane Oscarine These hauntingly striking portraits are the work of fashion Photographer Eric Nehr.

létrange beauté des albinos par Yulia Taits et autres  2Tout2Rien

When photographer Yulia Taits posted her hypnotizing photo series that capture the beauty of Albino people, it inspired us to look further and find more people