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Exactly!!! Disrespectful people know where the door is!! Make sure it don't hit your ass on the way out!!

Any women I call friend know and practice this. and I wouldn't have it any other way Respectable women talk straight and stand on what they say


Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning. And those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Don't take life for granted. --Today is the oldest you've ever been; yet the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.

i can't trust anyone anymore

because it seems you can't trust a soul anymore.juicy gossip is way more interesting than being a loyal friend or family member.

Best New Year Motivational And Inspirational Quotes Collection

Best New Year Motivational And Inspirational Quotes Collection

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in my life. This book is getting very interesting. I am so happy to be alive!

I will forgive for an apology that I'll never get. But that's OKAY. Time to let go, spread your wings and soar, darling.

I forgive you for what you have done. I am free now from the pain and heartache that was caused in our relationship. I forgive you. I want to keep this mature and move on.