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Anime wallpaper original hujimogeo single short hair looking at viewer wide image simple background white background green eyes white hair pale skin androgynous scarf 350209 en

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キャラクター | アニメ『ハルチカ〜ハルタとチカは青春する〜』公式サイト

キャラクター | アニメ『ハルチカ〜ハルタとチカは青春する〜』公式サイト

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【インタビュー】『囚われのパルマ』キャラデザ実田千聖に迫る ― 厚塗りに隠された苦労とは | インサイド                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

【インタビュー】『囚われのパルマ』キャラデザ実田千聖に迫る ― 厚塗りに隠された苦労とは | インサイド もっと見る

Kazumi Saito - The Cold & Cool Guy. He's Suzume's oldest friends and was also the one who called her to join the team while they were kids. It's all because of him that it was created the event called "Golden Era", the year when the biggest basketball players were discovered. The Olympians (Suzume's Team) had won an impossible game and won the title of the "The Almighty". He also loves playing the piano and Suzume's voice~!

PSlenDy的照片 - 微相册 <--- No idea if this is an actual character or not, and if so where from--but I'm adding it to my collection! Or maybe it's just an easy pin to run across.

Beautifully expressive faces for anime female drawings. How to draw realistic expression in mange anime faces.