Beautiful Screen Walls make the building look like its constantly changing - Danial by Reza Sayadian + Sara Kalantary

Danial / Reza Sayadian & Sara Kalantary

Completed in 2012 by Reza Sayadian and Sara Kalantary in Iran. Images by Alireza Behpour. Danial apartment is located in North east district of Tehran. The neighborhood that Danial is constructed used to be .

48 North Canal Road / WOHA

Gallery of 48 North Canal Road / WOHA - 1

Boutique office at 48 North canal road in Singapore by WOHA Architects - landscaped wall as facade element.

48 North Canal Road,© Patrick Bingham-Hall

Gallery of 48 North Canal Road / WOHA - 8

Image 8 of 16 from gallery of 48 North Canal Road / WOHA. Photograph by Patrick Bingham-Hall

faceted window

This Rock Climbing Gym Resembles A Big Rock

This Rock Climbing Gym Resembles A Big Rock in Polur, Iran- Tehran-based new wave architecture is building a rock climbing gym that in itself resembles a huge boulder.

Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhab

Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi//The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a planned museum, to be located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On Tuesday 7 March the Louvre in Paris announced that a new Louvre museum would be completed by 2012 in Abu Dhabi

Housing Courtyard Wood Arquitectos: Pablo Dellatorre Ubicación: Montevideo 951, Córdoba, Córdoba Province, Argentina, Argentina Autores Asociados : Mar Pattochi Área: 42.0 m2 Año Proyecto: 2010 Fotografías: Gonzalo Viramonte

Built by Pablo Dellatorre in Córdoba, Argentina with date Images by Gonzalo Viramonte. Twelve studios / dwellings of and terrace make up "City Block Center". A building in the center of the bloc.

Architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck Ce ki m'intéresse dans cette création c la séparation entre deux espace faite par cette cloison  qui m'évoque les séparation que l'on peut trouvé dans les chambres pour créer un dressing.

"Stacked Mockup" by architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck. First conceived as a dynamically torqued pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Surrey, UK

In Melbourne, Australia, you can live a theatrical and voyeuristic experience, in The Prahran Hotel, a small city pub turned into a hotel by Techné Architects.

Take a look at renewed Prahan Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. Techné Architects made a design y adding an extension that uses oversized concrete pipes. "The Prahan Hotel is