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Dendrite Human Brain | microscope # cerebellum # neurons

Dendrite in the Human Brain . Microscope # cerebellum # neurons ~ I thought it was a haunted tree .

The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the veins exposed

The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins exposed. The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins exposed.

Relevância: 2 / Tags: corpo humano, sangue, veias, direção, ciclo / Descrição: "blueprint" do braço de um ser humano, mostrando as veias internas por onde o sangue circula. Um paralelo onde as veias são as ruas e os caminhos de uma grande cidade e os glóbulos vermelhos do sangue são as pessoas.

Cast of blood vessels of the human hand by Gunther Von Hagens. The human body is a beautiful thing.

purkinje in the brain - Google Search

Fractal branching patterns in nature - Purkinje cells, some of the largest neurons in the brain, from a mouse at magnification. Like rivers running into the seas.

Aphasia Cheat Sheet

Aphasia is multidimensional, meaning that it has many forms. There is no generic form. This info-graph helps show where damage occurs for each type of Aphasia and color coordinates with a chart to briefly explain what type of symptoms you would see.

Descoberto um novo método promissor para prevenir Alzheimer

A gene mutation that causes problems for neural stem cells – the building blocks of the brain – could be corrected by adding carnitine.

Bacteriologic Chart    01. Gonococcus spp.  02. Pneumococcus spp.  03. Streptococcus pyogenes  04. Micobacterium tuberculosis  05. Vibrio cholerae  06. Corynebacterium diphtheriae  07. Bacterium typhosum  08. Bacterium dysenteriae  09. Achorion Schonleinii [favus fungus]  10. Bacillus anthracis  11. Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus  12. Yeast cells - With buds and ascospores depicted

Lysogenic viruses infect cells but can delay the production of new viruses; they can cause diseases such as Diphtheria or Scarlett Fever.

Células de Purkinje en el cerebelo

Triple fluorescent labeled section; Purkinje neurons are labeled green, the glia are labeled blue and cell nuclei are labeled red.