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Justice League Redesigns - Album on Imgur

Justice League Redesigns


New 52 Cyborg Superman Design by Kenneth Rocafort. - I love this design of Cyborg Superman. A beautifully modern piece, but is it that much a surprise from Rocafort?

Superman 2: The Quest for an Outfit That Works by xshaunx on deviantART

We decided to come up with this article which will contain some marvelous superhero redesign fan art examples which are also compete with the existing design.


Cleaning up my desktop I found this unused sketch of Heretic from Batman: Bad Blood. I was going for the look of a Bat suit with the top layer peeled off to make it look like a human body without skin, exposing muscles and tendons. I still like the concep

Character LineUp - Borderlands 2 Concept Art

Character LineUp - Borderlands 2 Concept Art character design from stage 1 throught to final production

DC Comics revealed several concept designs for the New 52 Lobo and the final design to be used is the very last one at the bottom.

The new Lobo in the New 52. This Lobo is equal parts strong, vicious, and driven. There’s a darker and more logical idea about what a force of nature like him is capable of. After all, this is someone who can infiltrate high society, fly a space ship, and adhere to a very specific moral code that’s not your typical anti-hero one. Oh, and, this one-shot takes place very far away from Earth. And when I say very far away, I mean it takes place literally on the other side of the galaxy.