Mecenat Art Museum / naf architect & design. I like the combination of wood and concrete

Mecenat Art Museum / naf architect & design

Built by naf architect & design in Hiroshima, Japan with date Images by Noriyuki Yano. © Noriyuki Yano Interview provided by naf architect & design


Muesuems 🖼 · MOMA Museum of Modern Art, in terms of art collection I liked it more than the Guggenheim, and finally I got to see the iconic painting 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh ~

mecenat art musuem  via: emilydoren

"The private Mecenat Art Museum, designed by Naf Architect & Design, houses the work of a Japanese-style painter Kakudo Goami. The design of the building focuses on natural lighting which pours into the interior through a white cylinder structure.

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Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston.

institute of contemporary art {boston}: wow this is so unique! i love how the light sheds through the window and colored mirrors on the wall. this inspires me and really makes me think of how this contemporary art seems so different and out-of-the-box.

Menis Arquitectos, MAGMA Arts and Congress

im drawn to the idea of unknown light source leaking into a room which creates another atmosphere South Tenerife Convention Center / Felipe Artengo, Fernando Menis, José Maria Rodriguez Pastrana