Image result for loft bedrooms with exposed beams

Image result for loft bedrooms with exposed beams

Alles geschilderd in de kleur Mineral White. De vloer, balken en plafond, wanden en kozijnen. Gebruikt is de Floorpaint, classico Krijtverf en de lak op waterbasis.

Gallery with inspirational pictures of Floor Paint, an easy to apply, durable floor paint. Applicable in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and basement.


“When your attic is a masterpiece! Design by Jimmie Martin Interior Decorators…”

Loft Conversion -

open concept modern living room modern white sofa with throw pillows high end coffee table in black cream area rug exposed white beams floating TV set of Be Simple yet Modern with These Black and White Living Room Sets

Modern attic

Boris Apartment Lhoas & Lhoas - Would love to use my future attic space…

Attic stairs the style of stairs we will need since our attic access is in the kitchen closet not much space but bigger then it could be

Attic stairs ❤️ Showing Finished Opening at the Top of the Stairway Opening