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Sixth shop portrayed in the “Tokyo Storefront” series. I found this one during my walks in the Yanaka district which is a famous spot in Tokyo for old buildings. This shop catches the eye instantly with the colourful print above the door.  It actually is a traditional color woodblock print store selling mainly paper prints traditionally used for paper dolls and toys. I did the portrait part without an underdrawing so it differs a little bit from the original picture but I like how it came…

Seventh shop from the “Tokyo Storefront” series. This one, located in Koujimachi was really close to the animation studio in which I work before the studio relocated to a new building about a year ago. I really like how this meat shop was painted a really

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Tokyo Storefront series (Kitchen Kuku) A new piece in my “Tokyo Storefront” watercolour illustration series. This shop is a lot newer and a lot shabbier than most on the pictures that I did in the series but I find this kind of shops all around.

今天要介紹的是來自波蘭的插畫師 Mateusz Urbanowicz ,他在日本神戶設計大學獲得碩士學位,目前任職於東京的Comix Wave Films animation studio,擔任動畫背景製作。他的畫風頻頻讓我想起宮崎駿,水彩畫風中使用了非常舒服的暖色系。看得出來是一位對生活中細微小事都非常細心的插畫家。

Eight piece in my “Tokyo Storefront” watercolour illustration series. This alcohol shop is located in Tokyo’s Mejiro district and even though it doesn’t look like this from the outside it was build before the World War in Of course the vending

‘Tokyo Storefront’ Illustration Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz

Amazing 'Tokyo Storefront' Illustration Series by Mateusz Urbanowicz

When I moved to Tokyo, more than 3 years ago I was really surprised that upon my walks I encountered so many shops still in business in really old buildings. Differently to Kobe, where the earthquake wiped out a lot of these old downtown houses and shops,