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Bahaha I thought that was hilarious in the movie that he was worried about twinkies the whole time

I just realized who that is - from Zombieland! The movie! Texas who loves twinkles and accidentally shot a box of Twinkies and was so sad then! (Need to watch the movie to understand.


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World tea war has begun lmao.... Do they really want a battle with the South over ICE COLD SWEET TEA!!! Tumblr Tuesday 4-8

Funny pictures about World War Tea. Oh, and cool pics about World War Tea. Also, World War Tea photos.

insanely long tumblr threads

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Tom's... unique.  I'm sorry but are they ALL British?? I know four of them are. One I'm not so sure of and then the other one (the fourth) I have no idea who they are.

All of them are so adorable! XD James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith at Top Gear. Not in that order.