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i'm a fool , a collection of John Watson/Martin Freeman...

Who seriously moves to a country that is PRIMARILY English speaking without knowing any of the language?

A wholesome experience meeting JAY Z

A wholesome experience meeting JAY Z

I just love that Jay-Z was so sweet about the whole thing. I love his face at the end- this is how I feel when ppl talk about music, I know JAYZ!

As a former band student, I used to play Flute [i still do but just at home], I had three section leaders since we were the biggest woodwind section, one of them is nice but tired a lot, one is between nice and funny and tired, and the other one was plain on mean, so ya and my friend threw up on the mean one and my friend straight up told me "well she's a bitch so she deserves it" I died laughing

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

This Guy Documents His First Week Of Work At Target, And It Couldn't Get Any More Hilarious - Damn! LOL

This Guy Documents His First Week Of Work At Target, And It Couldn't Get Any More Hilarious! Power is a new sensation power is a good sensation.

21eb17cc46e72b32af472f0e74c8d6df.jpg (236×874)

21eb17cc46e72b32af472f0e74c8d6df.jpg (236×874)

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. (One time it froze on the bottom of my clarinet. It was not cool. Actually it was cause it froze, but you know...)

This is really the only downfall of playing the clarinet/ bass clarinet

First week of band camp                                                       …

Welcome to the percussion section where the tempo is made up and the drum major doesn't mater

If you roll your steps while walking in public...you might be a band kid #guilty

Marching band kids are the ones who stand up tall, walk with ourpose, and occasionally roll their heels