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Design to Inspire (Infographic)

25 Must-Have Free Fonts for Entrepreneurs and Designers

‪ office# ‪ culture# How to create an Inspired office? Can you boost ‪ by changing your environments? Teamacting recommend to you this infographic from Entrepreneur.

Psychology of the Office Space [#Infographic] | Take It Personel-ly

Office design trends come in and out of fashion quicker than one can say “treadmill desk”, but there’s a good reason why managers are always obsessing about ways to improve their work spaces; it turns out that an office space can have a huge psychological

These 12 Office Design Tips for Increased Productivity will give you a few areas and tips that you can implement into your work space.

Office productivity is essential for today’s businesses. With more workers choosing to work from home they need to be informed of how to make their

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How to run a productive and happy office. How productive do our employees think they are? Here are Simple practices to maintain a happy office environment.

Telhado é transformado em cinema com banheiras de hidromassagem

Telhado é transformado em cinema com banheiras de hidromassagem

Oh my gosh, i maybe could actually sit through a whole movie! "Rooftop hot tub movie night anyone?

Why Your Office Design Truly Matters

Why Your Office Design Truly Matters

Office design has a huge impact on employee performance and happiness. From old office cubicles to modern day telecommuting, here are the pros and cons.

Learn how to make your office more productive in this graphic from @mainstreethost (via @HubSpot)

Looking to maximize productivity at your office? Check out this resourceful office layout for great ideas.

How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity (Infographic)

What Mindfulness and Daydreaming Have to Do With Getting Things Done