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Digital  Basic Dress with extra flare used by designers and universities alike. Size 8-26 available.

These basic patterns are used throughout universities, often supplied to students as a card board block to draw round. One problem, they are

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Tunic/Leine Pattern 1) Neck to floor, or wherever you plan to stop, plus 2" for hem 2) Neck to waist 3) Neck to widest part of chest 4) 1/4 waist plus 1" ease or more, depending on style 5) 1/4 chest plus 1" ease or more, depending on sty!e 6) 2" for an armpit gusset 7) As wide as your most comfortable shirt sleeves

With this basic pattern, from the SCA web site, one can simulate the style of dress from nearly all periods in medieval history.

Basic dress & cape patterns. Modification possibilities are infinite.

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