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The beauty of Hijab.  There is a great deal of beauty in the Hijab, and I hope no one ever feels shame for wearing it.

“invitetoislam: “Sisters, the sun doesn’t lose its beauty when it’s covered by the clouds. The same way your beauty doesn’t fade when you’re wearing a Hijab. ” always a hijabi ;

Quran 24: 31 you also think coz if it is just our right choice and our life then some will say ok this is not my right or my choice and this is my life so I don't want to wear it but if it is duty and Allahs command and my akhirah then Thay have to wear. But in some places this is the best answer the first one.

Bismillah … Many a times, most of us get confused or sometimes even scared when it comes to decision on starting to dress modestly, start wearing hijab or even covering the face (niqab).

I can't wait to marry Mobeen and start wearing hijabs.yes modesty is true beauty and shows you respect yourself.which is just meant for your husband to see in private :)

Women who wear hijabs face a lot of shaming and are constantly told to go back to their own country. This type of racism is from close-minded people who don't understand their religion and the fact that they actually aren't being oppressed by wearing the hijab.

Women who wear hijabs face a lot of shaming and are constantly told to go back…

Unfortunately, if you wear it you feel that especially these days

Oh my gosh, it's so true! Especially in small towns with little to no exposure to anything outside of the white/middle class demographic! Ya Allah, keep us strong in Islam.

If you can't, then you're not necessary anyway!

One of the reasons women wear the hijab is to put their own intelligence and personality before their beauty. This quote is also relevant to those who make judgements about women who wear the hijab, such as being oppressed and/or a terrorist.