Lucky :'( you were and always will be my best friend, you took a big piece of my shattered heart when you left buddy, it hurts so much everyday :'(

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Sunny is an angel in heaven ♥ a love with no ending, sunset June 29th 2016

I will always miss my babies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I love every one I've had and have. I Thank God for them everyday.

I thank a dog everyday of my life. I also thank God for the fortune of loving and knowing what dogs are all about, which have helped me realized, they are all about love and loyalty and most of the time they know about those two things, better than some h

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I am going to miss them so much!!

One of the sweetest PET poems. Unfortunately, my oldest brother's old dog is not doing good and she was put on pain medicine today. Praying it works for her.