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Chunky Donatello

To raise awareness about unhealthy eating, illustrator Alex Solis started Famous Chunkies. It's a series of caricatures of superheroes, villains and other.

"Chunky Luigi, w/ Yoshi" - Super Mario || morbidly obese iconic pop culture characters, by Chicago based illustrator Alex Solis || his webpages: (1) Society6 http://society6.com/artist/alexmdc (2) Cargo Collective http://cargocollective.com/oddworx (3) Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alexmotiondisorderz (4) Instagram http://instagram.com/alexmdc (5) Threadless https://www.threadless.com/@alexmdc

I had my doubts about these Botero-ish morbidly obese versions of iconic pop culture characters, but then you got me at Finn and Jake eating all those pastries from Candy Kingdom, Alex Solis. And Cookie Monster meeting its ultimate destiny, of course.

Les super-héros obèses vus par Alex Solis

Only it's not gonna be a giant volcano, Godzilla or glacier melting that causes it. Food ladies and gents! Surgar's gonna kill y

Morbidly Obese Pop Culture Icons.

Morbidly Obese Pop Culture Icons.

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Alex Solis icons unmasked

Cheeky Cartoonist Reveals the Secret Double Lives of Iconic Characters


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15 Iconic Characters, Unmasked

15 Iconic Characters, Unmasked

Chicago artist Alex Solis is putting a twist on pop-culture characters again in his new series of illustrations, "Icons Unmasked.