Love the light and shadow dance in this photo. ~Ballet Youth, Rio de Janeiro, 1947 by Thomaz Farkas~

Audrey Hepburn practicing ballet

audrey at the barre. Audrey, such an inspiration not jsut because she dances.she sings, acts, and she's a wonderful person. She wasn't as much of a sex symbol like Marilyn Monroe either, I think Audrey derserves to be remembered just as well.


Kara Hanretty of Ballet Arizona. oh how wish to be a ballet dancer! How beautiful!

The focal point of this picture is accentuate by the light through the window; i can appreciate the movement and rhythm

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography - Pied Sur La Barre by Karo Cottier

dance Tumblr

The movement [in] this picture is incredible. Photos rarely can depict a feeling of movement, other than a moment frozen-in-time!

Dance like no one's watching.

lovely play of light & movement in black & white photography