Purple Lisianthus

Purple Lisianthus they are a "poor man's rose" beautiful no thorns but no fragrance


Lilac Time Dinner Plate DahliaViolet Purple Dinner Plate Dahlia with flowers. They bloom from August until frost and need full sun. Hardy in zones elsewhere dig and store in a frost-free area for winter.


Daisies - simply beautiful - lots of childhood memories making daisy chain necklaces and head wear

Vamos a trabajar el concepto más alto que, los niños tendrán dos sillas una más alta que la otra, les presentaremos que en que se diferencian y ellos nos diran que una es alto y como matematicamente no exite, nosotros le diremos que a eso que ella dice alto, se dice más alto que.

& I almost NEVER have a red outfit in my closet. Love wearing any other colour than red occasionally.

blue bell dahlia - I <3 dahlias

Purple 'Blue Bell' ~ Dahlias are the unsurpassed darlings of the summer garden. Their spectacular color and exotic shapes make them stand out in a border or bed. Their hardiness and low maintenance make them a favorite with gardeners all over the country.