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15 ways to overcome procrastination.

15 Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Get Stuff Done (Infographic) - Assumes you want to not procrastinate, anyway. I've waited for two weeks to pin this one. Guess I better quit procrastinating, hahahahaha!

Sometimes we have to look at ourselves & say enough is enough. Sometimes we have to face the brutal truth - its time to change, move out of this comfort zone & re-invent ourselves, Face our worst fears. Swallow our pride & ask for help if needs be.

How to Make Yourself Work When You’re Not Feeling It #Infographic

How To Be Productive When You Absolutely Don't Feel Like It

When cleverly used, annual leave can make a big difference to your time off over the winter break. A smattering of national holidays, short Fridays and lon

It's easy to take a nap, but how about taking a nap effectively?

Useful Napping Tips That Most People Don't Know (Infographic)

i heart naps.but now to figure a way to get up when my "power nap" alarm goes off, to prevent a nap {Great nap facts}

#Entrepreneurs Amp Up Productivity, Don't Spend a Thing - #infographic #careers

Entrepreneurs: Amp Up Productivity, Don't Spend a Thing - #infographic

From the nano-nap to famous nap-takers - all you need to know about the daytime sleep we all love so much.

Proof that napping is a good thing! I'm a serious power napper.I have trained my body to sleep for a short minute nap in a different position than I normally sleep. But I LOVE a good hour and a half nap too!

Investigating the root of social media addictions - validation addiction - the constant need for praise - praise actually gives humans a dopamine high, not unlike many illicit drugs.

Unfortunately I don't feel this is something a boss learns to become. It needs to already be who a person already is. How to Be a Good Boss/Team Leader/ Any people oriented leadership position