Tunnel of NEON lights

An interior project can never survive without lighting, whether if we’re talking about its functionality or decorative ability. It’s just something we can’t deny making the effort.

Astrid Krogh Ikat Light Tapestries The depth of colour and mystical qualities of this work distracts from the textile itself and raises question of what it may feel like to touch. A strong level of intrigue applies with this piece.


A light installation formed from a stack of intersecting cubes with edges made from neon tube lighting

François Morellet

Light, Florescent: This is a good example because the bright florescent streaks of light fill up the entire room making it a really cool thing to look at.

Un viaje de ida

Un viaje de ida


Lighting details with neon at Malconis restaurant-bar inspired by the Chilean artist made from HALO

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