April Photo a Day Challenge Prompts

April Photo a Day Challenge Prompts (by Dawn Nicole)

Hey guys. So I'm going to be doing a chibi project  (I've actually only drawn a chibi once) but if you want to be in this comment on which one you want to be and who you favorite anime or manga character is and I will draw them I this. I will be the red one.

Rules: - Do not claim as your own or re-post this base - Credit me by putting :*devAT-Bases: (without the *) in your artist description - Please s.


Cuddles' Expression Tutorial/Ramblings by CuddlesAndHuggles on DeviantArt reference eyes cartoon how to

30 day challenge - Google Search

The Daily Drawing Challenge, Part 3 Holy Cow, another monthly challenge, we cant be stopped! Feel free to start on them whenever you can, we.

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Use for a letter writing challenge! I think it's time to start writing in a journal again.this is cool to help you get started.Journal prompts by the day.