three different colored rocks sitting next to each other on a white surface with one rock in the middle

4 Raw Opal Stone Bulk Lot, 5.5 Grams Ethiopian Opal in Matrix Rough Welo Opal Small Raw Stones Neon Rainbow Fire Opal from Ethiopia Lapidary

"Welo Opals. This listing is for ALL of the Exact 4 stones in the photos. Opal in Matrix from Welo Ethiopia, in their raw / rough natural form. WOW stones! Orange translucent glowing Opal with very little tan matrix stone attached. All of these stones have outstanding VIBRANT neon rainbow color \"FIRE\", better than my photos captured. They range from 16 to 17mm long, and weigh a total of 5.5 grams. Ships in a nice gift box. Metric Conversion: 1/2 inch = 12 mm 1 inch = 25 mm 2 inch = 50 mm 3…


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