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remember this, also God loves you for who you not for being someone else, just be who you are in Christ Alone : )

Proverbs 3:3 (NLT) - Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart.

Putting on Kindness seemed to be her motto! In dealing with the homeless, especially Denver, that was one of her greatest gifts

Matt Chandler please say this more often.  Lots of women need to hear it.

"Godly men are rare. Lots of neat Christian boys, not a lot of Godly men" (yet another reason why I admire Matt Chandler so!


sitting alone looking at your pictures saying absolutely nothing.means absolutely everything to me.you live on in my heart

Meditation of my HEART!: Patience my love.

there is something comfortable about a billion stars held steady by a God who knows what he is doing. (i am reminded that since He is powerful enough to do that, i can easily trust Him with my life as well)

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You are loved! Join us in Costa Rica where we will show that love to some of the poorest areas there. July 7 Click the picture to find out more.

He has a way with the words

The fact that our heart yearns for something Eath can't supply is proof that Heaven must be our home. ~ C S Lewis

God knows who he wants in or out of our lives

Trust there is a reason. It has come at a perfect time. God says there is a reason some people leave your life!


Sometimes being in the hallway is better. Usually when in a room there is only one door, the exit. When in the hallway there are so many doors to choose from and that is what makes life exciting.

God's plan take this to heart

God's plan for your spouse after surrending to the Lord. WAIT for the man God has picked out for you and seek Jesus while you wait!

In Jesus Name, Amen!!!

Just Some Simple Words of Hope

I did, and Cody came looking for me!

On her bended knees she she lifted her hands to heaven.she boldly declared that she surrendered her need for love, her loneliness, her desire for companionship. __ⓠ __a modern day Ruth