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Very true

Zodiac City - Zodiac Question: Does Gemini get depressed easily?

zodiacspot: How is your Zodiac sign seen by others?

Yup they think I'm arrogant 😒 jus 'cause I tell em that they look like fools when they think they're cool 😒😒

That is very true. Except I know how all that knowledge got in my brain... aliens....

I don't have a good memory with events or dates or random things, but I can vividly remember conversations as if they happened yesterday! Also random facts too!

Seriously, I'm my own best company. I don't have many friends because I can tell who's loyal and who isn't. If you lie to me or ignore me, you can go f*ck yourself, I don't mind being alone.

I've always had a small circle and have only had 4 people in my life I would truly call my best friends

Gem in amorado

Gemini in love True. All except the part about living us being a death wish. It's only a death wish if you are the wrong one!