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Again, clear and simple layout. This example seems more appropriate for a website page where the use of simple info graphics could perhaps educate / communicate the value of the product?

Yoobic web design - Like the simple messaging, making it very easy to absorb… flat

colors- off-white, greys, charcoal, sparse red Homepage 15 Inspirational Examples of Minimal & Clean Web Design

Hue gradients

Created by LA-based designer, Vladimir Kudinov, Hue is a collection of 49 backdrops and gradients that lend atmosphere to layouts and product shots. The collec

I really like the top half of the designs (though they're perhaps a little too detailed), but not so much the bottom half. I seem to have a thing for vivid autumn colors.

Desalinisation, a global solution to water scarcity / Energy Recovery

Infographic: Energy-Efficient Desalination Could Provide Clean Drinking Water for Those in Need

have students design and make infographics in a selection of topics… examples World Water Day, Desalination Comments

Upside – Multi purpose WordPress theme

The colors of this theme are on point for the type of site they are presenting here. The icons add a fun element to the overall composition with little borders and shadows.

RNLI Homepage Concept on Behance

RNLI Homepage Concept on Behance