//  TREASURE CHEST, Randall High School, Amarillo [TX] #Jostens #LookBook2016 #Ybklove

I like this module idea, and it could work for pretty much any candids page if we make it more specific, eg six word story of 2016

I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids

One day, third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to fill-in-the-blank in this sentence: "I wish my teacher knew _____." The results astounded her. Some answers were humorous, others were

:) maybe interview teachers "what is the most annoying question that students ask you". For yearbook.

Shit Students Say. how many have you heard say these? >In school to be a teacher >Middle school student teacher, history class >Was asked if they could use calculator on test >What? Student School S

this would be adorable in a Project Life pocket

Good idea to add to student portrait pages but chance the names of the companies where they bought the clothes to things about the person or a trend/current style spread

HOT OFF THE PRESS 2014 // “The Tribute,” Heritage High School [TX]

Not like this, but a trending module for each season would be cool. Like how the after school app was really popular earlier this year.

// DRAGON, Round Rock High School, Round Rock [TX] #Jostens #LookBook2016 #Ybklove

I like this cover idea with their school initials on the front & the school faded out in the back!

// TILMA, Juan Diego Catholic High School, Draper [UT] #Jostens #LookBook2015 #Ybklove

A hidden secrets type of spread would be kind of an interesting twist to talents and student life 1200x 00 61 4d 00614dc7dd92426e24c6fe1d166d3a55.jpg

I like the idea of the spirit days layout THE CITADEL, Claudia Taylor Johnson High School, San Antonio, Texas life…