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Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party

Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party-- Play Time- Have the wedding guests socialize in a playful manner to get the shots they’ll cherish for a long time.

Jenny Taylor Wedding Photography | Unique Bridal Party Pose

rustic beach wedding Lanterns will instantly add to your Jenny Taylor Wedding Photography

I like this pose a lot :-) It would be neat to do this with the bridesmaids as well :-)

Would be great to have each side of the bridal party and the bride and groom front shot and hand them on a wall together. Canvas, no framed Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party


I so want to do this! I love baseball, softball and everything to do with this good ol' American sport. Already having a kickball game at my rehearsal, why not play some baseball?

Encircled by adoring bridesmaids, this little fella has all the ladies wrapped around his little finger.Related: 50 Must-Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

40+ Adorable Pics to Take With Your Ring Bearer

Looking for a little wedding photography inspiration? Here are 25 creative wedding photo ideas that are just too good to pass up. - Gift for women and girls, wedding

Balloons and bridges

Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party - a lot of these are kind of cheesy, but I do like the big helium balloons, fun and whimsical

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Fun wedding pose we did.turned out great but was hard because our brial party was so large

Wedding Photography <3 Bridal Party #whiteflash #designnerrings #markschneider

Miami Wedding by Laura Leslie Photography

L.O.V.E - with bridal party - hahaha!! lol so funny but pretty cool shot not sure I could get my bridal party to do that hahah

I really like all these photos - cheers for revealing - L.E - with bridal party - absolutely doable with my small wedding party!

Brides and Bridesmaids throw one back together! Wedding Beer Trends  #wedding #beer

bride & bridesmaids at the bar.still wish i would have done a bar picture with my wedding party:(

30 Fun Bridal Party Photos | Wedding Planning, Ideas  Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

group photography ideas: 20 creative wedding poses for bridal party. Especially love this picture with everyone looking down in a circle.

My sister-in-law sent this to me. Classic.

Why take Funny Wedding Photos? Why not document that special day with something so funny and creative? These funny wedding photos will never get tiresome.

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