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Island-ception >>> it's called Vulcan Point island!

I know its probably depressing that my favorite show ever is Spongebob, and yes, I realize I am losing every brain cell I…

I know its probably depressing that i like this Show and yes, I realize I am losing every brain cell I never had, but its okay because Spongebob characters, man, they speak my language.

lol sponge bob

how long have I been ugly?you poor ugly thing, you.

True:") || Kano shuuya [mekakucity actors] || Asuna [SAO]

We'd been taught to

Chocolate With Nuts.

I love Patrick. He is SOOOO awesome and really funny. Watch Spongebob and listen closely. you'll hear a REALLY FUNNY part!

SpongeBob never has a bad answer…I would seriously always wait for this episode to come on.

That hat makes you look like a girl, Spongebob. One of my favorite SpongeBob quotes.

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Yep, I read this in his voice!

My all-time favorite spongebob moment.


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Spongebob knew older college kids would still watch it

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Patrick Star and Squidward. Spongebob Squarepants quotes and funny memes

Patrick the Genius

Patrick the Genius

SpongeBob: Patrick you're a genius! Patrick: Yeah, I get called that a lot. SpongeBob: What? A genius? Patrick: No, Patrick.

Funny sponge bob comic

Ho ho ho Stop it Patrick your scaring him!