Roses, Roses. Beautiful Arche

Rose entrance - this arbor would lead into my secret garden. I love it being white and the gate being surrounded by roses:).

Gresgarth hall is the home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd, who is a nationally acclaimed English landscape and garden designer.

This is so the look I'd like to have - not so "crowded or messy" as in most cottage gardens, but still full.

English country garden - SO BEAUTIFUL! - Just exactly what I imagine an English country garden to look like!

Les nouvelles cabanes de jardin

Les nouvelles cabanes de jardin

Garden Arch, Regents Park, London, England | Agent -

Beautiful wrought iron gothic-arch door leading into a garden/courtyard area. We can imitate this design!

Climbing roses -- for how pretty they look and the frangrance they bring through an open window

Inspired By: Roses

Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

little pink house, white picket fence and a rose arbor! So sweet and cute! Viola's doing a lot of wishes and daydreaming with me of our future home and she says it's pink.

Rose "Sweet Moon" - Lilac - Hybrid Tea Rose - Bred by Kikuo Teranishi (Japan, 2001) [ ]

So I put this purple rose because purple roses are my favorite flower because they symbolize strength, I hope to get a purple rose tattoo one day. Purple is the color for my disability, and Rose is something with my grandma meaning beauty and strength.