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Dribbble - Personal Branding by Anelese Webster

Personal Branding

I really like how the two letters are split and look like they are drifting apart. Dribbble - Personal Branding by Anelese Webster

House of the Nobleman | Creative Boom

escapekit: “ House of the Nobleman UK based design studio Two Create created the ID and corporate stationery for leading art curation company, House of the Nobleman.

Wenn Sie dieses Angebot erwerben, erhalten Sie die vorgefertigten Firmenlogos im Bild oben gezeigt. Das Logo wird mit den Namen Ihres Unternehmens angepasst werden. Dieses Design ist kein einer Art Design und wird weiterverkauft werden. Jedoch können Sie das Logo Siegwette, erwerben, das Sie der alleinige Inhaber des Logos und seine Gestaltung-Qualitäten machen.  Dateien, die enthalten: • Vektor EPS (bis Ihr Logo auf jede beliebige Größe ohne Verlust der Qualität Maßstab) • JPEG (300ppi) für…

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triangle logo design – Etsy

as you can probably tell i love minimalist modern and triangles. but my personal and practice style is more organic modern Más

AG - The finished logo                                                                                                                                                     More

AG - The finished logo

Guardian Angel . Logo Inspiration . Graphic Design

Guardian Angel

The circle is often associated with an angels crown. Putting it above the A and using the circle as part of the A shows the angel aspect to the companies logo. Also having it above gives that guardian feel.


Love the simplicity of this logo, and i think using the initials. IMPR -- as a play on the words -- I'M PR would be super D O P E.

Tumble, Tumble

This logotype is very unique. Even though the word is "one" a line slashing thorough is appealing to the eye. It shows two words saying "one" the darker bold font, and the light font. It shows good use of alignment and contrast.