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bunny chick easter treat holder from cardboard tubes tp rolls

Easter Treat Holders from Cardboard Tubes

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Supplies for Cotton wool bud Easter Bunny: 1 – 2 inch Styrofoam ball 1 – 1 inch Styrofoam ball 2 pipe cleaners, any color 2 googly eyes 1 pink small pom pom 1 white small pom pom craft glue or hot glue (adult only) Q-tips – 100 +


Dress up chocolate eggs with fondant decor with these fabulous ideas and how-tos from the cookie shop. Potato Head shown here, but click the link to find how-tos for bunnies and chicks…

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Decorating Easter Eggs is a popular Easter tradition. Whether you go the traditional dye route or like to mix things, up, decorating eggs is fun!