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Her hand trailed down the boys cheek leaving a firey trail of singed skin as she went. The boys eyes were closed and he was oblivious to the fact that the fire was burning him. I pulled against my restraints. "mmmMMMMmm" I tugged and tugged trying to get the boys attention, but it was no use.  He was under her spell.

As a child, this was every fantasy character I ever created -- fire and beauty and passion. What the hell does that say about my life?

victoria francis

Ghost Fabric Poster Print, Fabric Poster Print by Victoria Francés, Fabric Poster Print by Victoria. by artworka

gótica à chuva

Neo-Victorian Goth girl with photoshoped black tears and red hair and rose

Fantasy art priestess | Dark or light priestess. Both. Take what you will

Pretty cool costume and such. However, I would HATE to get on this girl's bad side, let alone meet her in the middle of a forest at midnight (don't know what I would be doing out there, (Cool Photography Dark)

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I originally intended to make this all green and black only. I got the idea from, of all places, this webpage:… but the pink weaseled its way in somehow.

f Sorcerer Robes forest hills stream log bridge night full moon midlvl Voice of My Soul

Goth witch

A witch without glamour, in this story, some witches have naturally black lips and odd coloured hair so they need to use glamour to hide themselves.