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Dandelion Sunset, Tuscany, Italy

It is things that are as beautiful as this that remind me that God loves beauty. God created beautifully, no accident could do this. That is one of the many reasons that I know there is a God.

J'aime bien cette ambiance crépusculaire. On sait pas ce que représente cette image (moi je le sais :-)

"Morning has Broken". This Dandelion spiked with morning dew, caught in the light of the sunrise reminded with of the song with the same title.

Dark Fairy Flutters / dandelion sunset

Toby Keller took this photo of a dandelions in front of a sunset. I like this picture because it makes the dandelions look big in front of the sunset.

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Oh how I miss the sunsets in San Diego. twice a year, the setting sun lines up with Scripps Pier - La Jolla, San Diego, California (photo by John H.

un bicchiere di vino, tramonto,what else?

Beautiful reflection of the sun.but it occurred to be that thru a glass of wine it turns your world upside down. Sometimes wine can do that. I will consider it water.