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I Rescued a Human Today    This makes me cry every. damn. time.  Thank you for that!

This shows how a rescue dog can mean so much more to the owner that the owner to the dog. Rescue a dog today! Poems - Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc.

492862752942977762 Why dogs are the best of all the things.

Just a few reasons to own a dog. This is possibly my favorite pin of all timer tear up.

Cat and dog pals

My dog died of cancer 2 weeks ago; my cat misses him. This story is heartbreaking, but it's true love at it's highest. Wow sad an beautiful what a great story animals are truly amazing. (After reading this sweet beautiful story, I can't stop crying***)

only read this if you want a really good long hard CRY---because that's what I'm doing right now....

this is amazing and something that just out my heart at ease being that my beloved Jotters just crossed that rainbow bridge tonight.she is sleeping in my heart right now!

My Dog Is Everything love quotes quote charlie brown dog snoopy pets

first we got rid of the flea infestation, the worms and the arthritis is your hips; now you're on better nutrition. A trip to the vet's got you all your shots, some bloodwork & an x-ray. Twice daily walks to work on training & strengthen your legs; next: to find a fenced in dog park so you can play....

first we got rid of the flea infestation, now getting you on better nutrition; next: to the vets to get you all your shots, then to find a fenced in dog park so you can play.

Friends were busy w/ their lives when I needed help w/ the loss of my dad and the depression that followed. Angel rescued me w/ her unconditional love, licking my tears and making me laugh when I needed it most! I believe she was sent to me by my father!

dogs have a way, yep, Moved to Georgia and the house came with an abandoned dog left by previous owners. And he looks at me with such adoring eyes I melt.


Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Remember: When you come to my house, my pets live here. YOU are just a guest!

Not just dogs feel this way. Cats, pigs #GoVegan

This Is What Your Dog Thinks About You. This Made Me Tear Up. dogs dog story pets interesting facts stories heart warming << same, I teared up too

Thank you to all of you who have helped a creature in need. You are Special. Always adopt - never shop.

The Circle beautiful_stories poems animals rescue Thank you to all of you who read this that has helped a creature in need. You are Special.