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Avengers Babies

petermorwood: “flanoir-bunny: “ kuntybynature: “ howd-you-get-out-of-the-wormhole: “ got-avengers: “ Baby Avengers Assemble! ” i actually squealed from the cute ” Can this be a show? An adorable.

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Avengers Babies

I just wish they had included a baby Loki. :D Superheroes - Page 4 - Comics, Superheroes, and Villains - superheroes batman superman - Cheezburger

Chemical Avengers for my science superhero lovin' son

This is literally how I remembered Iron, Thorium, and Americium in Chemistry last year. I even decorated my periodic table with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. < I honor you.

The Avengers by Gurihiru

gurihiru: “ Since “Avatar: The Last Airbender The Rift is done for the moment, we can attend the San Diego Comic Con! We will be signing twice this year.


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Avengers Babies. So cute, but I will fight Baby Hulk for Baby Iron Man!

So cute, but I will fight Baby Hulk for Baby Iron Man! (is that bucky bear?

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy GIF

gif Illustration art cute kawaii movies artwork animated gif Marvel Marvel Comics illustrator gotg pop culture guardians of the galaxy groot i am groot WE ARE GROOT baby groot dancing baby groot dancing groot