Animal Makeup Ideas Make up for carnival 40

MakeUp - Bold Eye's Avant Garde - Lips Avant Garde - PinStripe - Jeff O.'s dramatic look using Sugarpill's Tako, Love+, Lumi, Bulletproof, and Royal Sugar

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❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - Dolce & Gabbana

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Today's Look : "Silver Lining" -Linda Hallberg (exactly what the name implies this is such a simple yet sophisticated look. a cat eye with a nude lip, featuring a silver line above the winged black liner)


Nude face make up with extremely bright red/orange/yellow shaded eyes very good for fall 2014

Pearls Makeup

I love the pearls above her eyebrows that gives her forehead more depth. I also love the electric green lips. (I definitely want to have green lips for the final possibly.) Also the green and purple eyeshadow bring out the color of the lips even more.


เทรนด์ใหม่! หมดยุคคัดเบ้า มาแต่งตานัวๆ แบบธรรมชาติกัน

wow #faerie

DiscoRat is a photographer and makeup artist from the Ukraine who has a knack for melding dark fantasy with glitter and neon lights. Her images are haunting and beautiful.

John Galliano’s theatrical runway makeup [...]

Jessica Stam in the John Galliano Fall 2009 show. This creativity is staggering to me! Check out that little line of gold on top the cupids bow!