"Descendants of the Sun" Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki kiss and percentage finally reaches I expected the high rating but the kiss was unexpected 😶

Song Joong Ki

Joong Ki always look so good on the bed. Wish I can take a rest like this from work Cr: Topten Website update

Humble man, Joong Ki sshhi

What is Song Joong Ki like behind the scenes of 'Descendant of the Sun'?

New behind-the-scenes shots of “Descendants of the Sun” star Song Joong Ki have been released, which reveal the actor’s handsome looks even when he’s not f

Song Joong-ki was featured on the cover of a fashion magazine, which released Thursday a photo of the actor. The photo shoot for the magazine’s May issue took place in a desert area near Los Angeles, California.

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I could have just edited my recent TOPTEN post, but seriously, these new batch of visuals of Song Joong Ki deserve their own spotlight. Song Joong Ki, Song Joong Ki, my love!

My Song Joong Ki

My Song Joong Ki