Spirituality is reality rest is fiction

Religion is for people who are afraid of going to HELL. Spirituality is for those who have already been there. Vine Deloris, Sioux Native American Quotes Full Of Wisdom & Inspiration

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This strikes a chord with me - it's how I feel about every New Year. New Year = new beginning. Could also be a new beginning for my students :)

Quotes About Moving On |

Quotes About Moving On |

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"So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.oh how i love rainbow rowell-em

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forgiving you is my gift for you. Moving on is my gift to myself.

and forgiveness is a gift to yourself as well! Yes, you have done something you need to be forgiven for. I forgive you even if you dont see that you need to be forgiven, cause I roll like that.

Im leaving them on the floor. I need to move on. I am not living anymore. I have fallen into a sad cold depression that I am done feeling.  I love you. If ur meant to be in my life you will be.

you can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months overanalyzing the situation: trying to put the pieces back together, justifying what you could've done or you can just leave the pieces and move on