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'DIY - PAINT BRUSH CLEANER (Made with hot glue gun)...!' (via Cloud Nine Studios Art Blog)

DIY a makeup brush cleaning board. Use a clip board and a hot glue gun. Small dots are for eye shadow / smaller brush heads; bigger dots are for face powder/ bigger brush heads; the wave lines are for cleaning out the soap.

Drying Makeup Brushes Without Counter Space by LifeDarling.com

Who thinks washing their makeup brushes is a big hassle? Are you too lazy to do it because you don’t have space in your bathroom? Does your counter space look anything like mine? I posted thi…

Makeup Brush DIY Cleaner                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Welcome back loves!Two weeks into grad school already, can you believe that? Time goes by so fast, but before we go further into this semester, and we can star

DIY Compact Brush Cleaner

DIY Compact Brush Cleaner ~:~ This is actually really cool. Just remember you can use a plastic travel soap container, or even a metal round tin found in the office area of the dollar store as well.