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Intelligent Islamic mug, reminding you to drink with the right hand.

Sahih Muslim, the Book of Al-Birr (1), Hadith: 6570] #DarussalamPublishers #HadithOfTheDay #Islamic #CollectionOfHadiths

Sahih Muslim, the Book of Al-Birr Hadith: Alhamdulillah for my fever every single morning i wake up since i was

Sunnah - avoid wasting water. Islam.

It’s Sunnah Islamic teaching we don’t think much about daily but should! Please share the latest from the Design Molvi series of advices inshAllah

Islam is Mercy... Wisdom... Justice!

Truth of Islam • Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyya said: Islam is a mercy.

Alhamdu lillahi ♥ الحمد لله

Find inspirational islamic posters with words from Quran, Hadith & Sunnah here =).

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To treat with black cumin (Nigella sativa seeds) Narrated Abu Hurairah: I heard Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) saying: “There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book of Medicine, Hadith: Kuranic dua .


The quality I hate the most is two faced people and the Messenger sws said "No two faced person will enter Jannah"