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Chrysobothris astartae - 3 views by nikolarahme, via Flickr

Chrysobothris astartae Abeille de Perrin, 1895 (Moroccan jewel beetle) by Nikola Rahme

Dung beetle (just 14mm long) with horns on both cephalon and prothorax (Scarabaeidae; DR Congo, Lubumbashi area).

Dung beetle (just long) with horns on both cephalon and prothorax (Scarabaeidae;

tree swallow (tachycineta bicolor) by revs, via Flickr

Tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) love the more teal color to this bird. I don't think these are in Sedona, but I have seen a teal, black & white bird, small size, but can't find it in a book.

Gold beetle

Photo by David Liittschwager of a golden scarab beetle from the tropical cloud forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica. As seen in the book One Cubic Foot.

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With a insect of this design existing today, how could anyone say it evolved without an intelligent and supreme designer? (via Toffolo, Emanuel)

Yellow Bugs That Look Like Roaches

What do You Think if Bugs That Look Like Roaches?